Frequently Asked Questions in Pueblo, CO

Affordable Health Clinic, LLC located in Pueblo, Colorado, understands that our clients need to learn about our clinical and healthcare services. In case you have questions regarding our services, you may read through our FAQ page to check if they have been answered. If we do not have your question answered, please call us today 719-924-9021.
1. What does the $75.00 visit include?
2. Can Dawn do the same thing as a Doctor?
3. Can Dawn write prescriptions?
4. Do you see Chronic Pain patients?
5. Can I be seen now and be billed later for visit?
6. Can I pay half of the charge now and be billed for the rest later?
7. Can I be seen if I don't have insurance?
8. My son doesn't have insurance and needs seen. Is it cheaper to go to the Urgent care, Emergency room or to your office?
9. What ages of patients do you see?
10. Do you see OB patients?
11. Do you have a sliding scale by my income?
12. Do you have a doctor in your clinic all the time?
13. Do you do weight loss in your office?
14. Do you draw labs or take X-ray pictures in your office?
15. Do you do DOT or CDOT physicals?